Making the argument for young women's leadership

If there's a phrase that irritates young leaders it's got to be 'young people are the leaders of tomorrow'. The phrase is problematic in two key ways - first, it reinforces the idea that our leaders are old, or at least older people, and second, it overlooks the idea that young people lead today.

In order to highlight the erasure of young women's leadership, we are looking for opportunities to make the case that young women lead today - by promoting the work of young women leaders, by highlighting when and how old/er women act as good allies, and by collecting research both from the field and from academia that focuses on young women's leadership.

If you have work you'd like us to consider for inclusion in our project - please email erica.lewis[at]

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  • Mai Nathaniel
    commented 2018-05-27 17:19:20 +0100
    So true thank you for this article

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