She Leads

Rise_Up_Cover.jpegThe YWCA is proud to announce the launch of the World YWCA's new young women's leadership program - She Leads.

She Leads is an on-line course open to every young woman. It covers key topics vital to young women knowing, claiming, and enjoying their human rights:

  • ending violence against women & girls,
  • sexual & reproductive health & rights, &
  • women's economic empowerment. 

We're proud that this project has been driven by young women from the movement, and supported by an intergenerational group of women, including our own Co-Chair Erica Lewis.

All 14 lessons are free to access & can be accessed at


MyInspiringWoman.jpegWe all know there are many fabulous feminists out there who aren't always recognised for their work.

So, this International Women's Day why let one (or more) of those wonderful women know that she inspires you & if you want to multiply the effect you can print the poster & share it on social media using #MyInspiringWoman.

To send your e-card and download your poster head to MyInspiringWoman.

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