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Help YWCAs across the world respond to COVID

YWCAs all over the world are tirelessly supporting girls, young women and women in their communities navigate the impacts of COVID-19. Donate to the #YWCACrisisResponseFund and help us do more and reach more! https://donate.worldywca.org

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Making the argument for young women's leadership

If there's a phrase that irritates young leaders it's got to be 'young people are the leaders of tomorrow'. The phrase is problematic in two key ways - first, it reinforces the idea that our leaders are old, or at least older people, and second, it overlooks the idea that young people lead today.

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Leaders in our own lives

In partnership with the YWCA Yorkshire, and YWCA Scotland we are developing the Leaders in our own lives program. This program aims to reach young women, where most leadership programs don't go - to vulnerable young women who are pregnant or parenting, and participating in a supporting housing programme.

Acknowledging that young women in the target group are already working to address many challenges, the programmes aim is to support these young women to find their voices, and to recognise the power they have within, and to claim their human rights.

Women, Peace, & Justice

In partnership with the YWCA Palestine, and YWCA Ireland, and with the support for the World YWCA's Power to Change Fund, we are working on a project to strengthen the voice and role of young women in peace and justice.

The conflict experienced across our communities varies dramatically, but in each of our communities women, young women, and girls experience conflict, and in each of our communities our voices are sidelined, and our leadership is not fully recognised.

Young Women on Charitable Boards

According to a recent report one of the areas where charity boards are least representative of the community is age - less than 0.5% of charitable trustees in England and Wales are 18 - 24. Our constitution sets a 25% quota for young women, defined as women 30 years of age, or younger, on our board.

Currently four members of our seven member board, were appointed as young women, and three members are currently under the age of 31.

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